Beast Mode

Domo Beast Mode

Data Transformation and Analysis

Domo Beast Mode Overview

Features & Capabilities

Domo Beast Mode is a powerful feature that enables users to perform advanced calculations and transformations on their data within Domo.

It allows users to create custom formulas to manipulate and analyze data directly in their Domo instance.

With Beast Mode, users can derive new columns, apply mathematical functions, conditional statements, and other operations to generate insights from their data. Beast Mode provides a flexible and intuitive way to enhance data analysis and visualization within the Domo platform, empowering users to unlock deeper insights and make informed decisions based on their data.

With Domo Beast Mode, users can create calculated fields using a variety of functions and operations.

These calculations can be applied to different datasets and cards, providing flexibility in data analysis. Beast Mode supports a wide range of functions, including mathematical operations, string manipulations, date calculations, and conditional statements.


Visualize your data with Domo beast mode

It's easier than ever before

One key feature of Beast Mode is its ability to create dynamic and interactive visualizations.

By using calculated fields in Beast Mode, users can create charts, graphs, and tables that respond to user inputs and filters, allowing for real-time data exploration and analysis.

Overall, Domo Beast Mode is a versatile tool that empowers users to perform advanced data transformations and analysis, leading to deeper insights and informed decision-making.