Cards, Dashboards, Stories

Domo Stories

Craft a narrative using your data.

Utilize customizable dashboards, known as Stories, to steer data analysis and shape the narrative you wish to convey through your data.

Tailor the design to your preferences.
Customizable dashboard layouts empower you to control how your information is presented to others.

Ensure a consistent narrative. Domo Stories maintain consistency across devices, whether accessed on mobile, tablet, or computer.

Offer versatile perspectives. Configure your dashboard with interactive filters, allowing users to delve into the data and view the information most relevant to them.

Take control of your presentation.

Customize dashboard layouts to control how your information is displayed.

Highlight key metrics and data relationships to guide users' focus.

Design your layout with drag-and-drop cards, headers, and templates. Use in-line notebook cards to provide commentary on the data within the same page.

Adjust the appearance of cards to suit your needs.

  • Resize and reorder cards to highlight key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Modify dashboard and card colors to align with your branding.
  • Add background colors to personalize your dashboard and reinforce your brand identity.

Keep data updated and engaging.

  • Utilize notebook cards with dynamic text to provide context about the data in your story, such as the datasets used and the date of the last update.
  • Incorporate dynamic text in card titles and descriptions to reflect the card's current filters and views.

Create cross-platform designs effortlessly.

  • Dashboards designed with Stories are automatically optimized for mobile, ensuring a consistent narrative across all devices.
  • Exported dashboards maintain their layout, preserving the intended design across all formats.

Enhance interactivity with your information.

  • Apply flexible filtering to make data interactive and easily explorable.
  • Select specific filters for individual cards, allowing different filters on different dashboard cards.
  • Link to other Domo dashboards or external websites for additional information.
  • Drill down on cards directly from the dashboard, maintaining the dashboard's context.