Fractional Chief Data Officer (CDO)

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Our fractional Chief Data Officer (CDO) services provide businesses with the expertise of experienced data leaders on a part-time or interim basis. Our fractional CDOs work closely with your team to develop and implement data strategies, manage data governance, and drive data-driven decision-making. With our fractional CDO services, you can benefit from the guidance of seasoned data professionals without the cost of hiring a full-time executive, helping you unlock the full potential of your data.

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The best option for small and medium-sized teams

For small and medium-sized teams, our fractional Chief Data Officer (CDO) services offer a cost-effective solution to harness the power of data. With our fractional CDOs, you can access high-level data expertise without the commitment of hiring a full-time executive. This allows your team to benefit from strategic data leadership, tailored to your specific needs and budget. Our fractional CDOs work as an extension of your team, providing guidance and support to help you make data-driven decisions, improve data quality, and drive business growth. With our flexible and scalable fractional CDO services, you can take your data strategy to the next level, no matter the size of your team

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Clearsquare Fractional CDO Program

More than just a new team member
Access to Expertise
Small and medium-sized teams often lack the resources to hire a full-time Chief Data Officer. Fractional CDO services provide access to experienced data leaders on a part-time or interim basis, allowing teams to benefit from their expertise without the cost of a full-time hire.
Hiring a full-time Chief Data Officer can be expensive for small and medium-sized teams. Fractional CDO services offer a cost-effective alternative, providing access to strategic data leadership at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.
Felxible & Scalable
Our fractional CDO services are flexible and scalable, allowing teams to adjust the level of support based on their changing needs. This flexibility enables teams to scale their data initiatives as they grow, without being constrained by the limitations of a full-time hire.

Client Reviews

Excellent team that supports learning and migration of data from one tool to the Clearsquare tool. Happy customer.
We had the huge task of combining multiple data sources into dashboards for use internally and externally. Working with Gordon at Clearsquare was a huge help in navigating set-up by turning our ideas and questions into visualizations. We had a lot of customization and complicated data transformations that Clearsquare helped us set-up with DOMO. Our customers and executive team now have current data at their fingertips using the data that Clearsquare helped set-up.
Sharon L.
Data Specialist

Additional Benefits

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Strategic Data Leadership
Our fractional CDOs provide strategic guidance and leadership on data-related matters, helping organizations develop and implement effective data strategies that align with their business goals.
Focused & Targeted Support
Our fractional CDOs can provide focused and targeted support for specific data-related initiatives or projects. This allows organizations to address their immediate data challenges effectively and efficiently.
Improved Decision-Making
With the guidance of our fractional CDO, organizations can improve their data-driven decision-making processes. By leveraging data insights and analytics, organizations can make more informed decisions that drive business growth and success.

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