Affordable custom analytics to grow your business

Do you need someone to help you make use of your data? Let us either give you software or join your team to get you up and running. So you can make educated decisions with automated reports.

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Custom analytics

Spark Insights From Your Data

We empower organizations to make informed decisions through well designed reporting, analytics, and engineering.

Real-time analytics

We create optimized reports and turn messy, disparate, and ugly reports into aesthetic and intuitive reporting and visualization.

Business intelligence

We'll give you the confidence to take initiative by implementing BI solutions that help you get to market faster and deliver more valuable outcomes.

Automated reports

We build state-of-the-art reports by getting to know your business and focusing on intuitive UI/UX- all while implementing all of your required business metrics.

Filter & wrangle data

We can extract and transform data from any source with transparent ETL systems that can be as easy as drag and drop.

Data warehousing

We work with cross-platform sources and develop a centralized repository to store your data to meet your business requirements.

API integrations

We'll build your database systems from the ground up or update and optimize your existing systems.

We make it easy to track all your analytics

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Advanced tracking

Maximize business success with advanced tracking. Gain valuable insights, optimize strategies, and make data-driven decisions for superior performance.

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In-depth monitoring

Boost business performance with in-depth monitoring. Identify trends, detect opportunities, and make informed decisions for sustained growth and competitive advantage.

Custom-made reports to make great decisions

We collect requirements during our discovery phase and employ designers to create UI/UX mockups that can be quickly edited before development begins to save time and money and avoid costly mistakes.

Increase in retention
Monthly revenue growth

On-Demand Domo Efficiency Experts


Collaborating closely with Clearsquare's team of Domo-certified professionals guarantees rapid and exceptional advancements. By acting as an integral part of your team, we focus on creating a strategy that leads sustainable expansion and increased utilization of your Domo solutions.

Award winner at,

Performance by the Numbers

Clearsquare, a top-tier consulting partner of Domo, excels in efficiency optimization. Our proficiency covers ETL, SQL, AutoML, and Data Science, alongside developing insightful visualizations and dashboards. We also offer comprehensive training and governance, ensuring Clearsquare supports every aspect of your Domo implementation seamlessly.

Custom software

Conquer a bottle-neck with custom software.

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We build custom software

Unlock your business potential with our custom software solutions. Tailored to your unique needs, we streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and empower you with data-driven insights. Gain a competitive edge, drive innovation, and achieve remarkable results that propel your business towards sustained growth and profitability.

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Marketing teams

In the thrilling world of business, marketing is your secret weapon! It unleashes visibility, generates leads, wows customers, outshines rivals, explores new frontiers, promotes like a superstar, builds trust, and ignites unstoppable growth!

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Design teams

Design teams are the creative superheroes of business! They craft captivating visuals, spark innovation, delight customers, stand out from the crowd, shape extraordinary experiences, and bring dreams to life with style and flair!

The team

We take your projects seriously. See who you will be working with.

Joe Partridge


Experienced senior leader in software/IT services, fueled by a passion for empowering and building teams. Relationships are everything! When your team feels cared for, they go above and beyond for customers. Skilled in customer relations, analytics, and business development. Let's excel together!

J. D. Sanns

Sales Development Manager

J. D. stands out among managers I've worked with. His personable and responsive approach makes product deliveries seamless. Most importantly, he consistently delivers the needed solution, often surpassing expectations. A true gem!

Matthew Kastner

Head of Engineering

Introducing an outstanding software developer. With a wealth of experience and a knack for crafting remarkable solutions, he's a true coding virtuoso dedicated to delivering excellence.

Andrew Kimball

Senior Data Analyst

Have you ever met an analyst that can turn data into gold? I was impressed. With his expertise in data architecture, BI development, and seamless third-party connections, Andrew is making businesses soar!

Gordon Pont

Senior Implementation Consultant

Hold on tight as Gordon, is our Senior Implementation Consultant extraordinaire. He will take you on a thrilling journey to seamlessly bring your software dreams to life! Prepare to be amazed!


Frequently Asked Questions

What programming languages do you specialize in?

We are language agnostic at this point, but we prefer to work in Python, Javascript, C++, Java, SQL, MongoDB, HTML, and CSS.

What if my data is stored somewhere unusual?

No worries! At this point we've worked with them all. Here are some of the databases we've worked on in the past: Azure, databricks, SQL Server, PowerBI, mySQL, postgreSQL, and MongoDB.

What if I don't want to do any of the "techie" work? Can you manage everything for me?

Yes! Although we prefer to train someone up internal to your company, we work along side your team and manage the solution while you control the workflow and focus on high-level tasks. Best for enterprise-level projects.

How do I get charged for work that you do?

The best way to run a project, in our experience is through a "time and materials" approach. This allows for flexibility in complex and long term projects. Projects that require ongoing support and require maintenance and a good fit for the T&M model.

What analytics softwares do you use?

We will always try to use softwares that you are already using, but there are an infinite number of softwares we could use, our team is most familiar with DOMO, PowerBI, Tableau, Pyramid, and Metabase.

Do you just make reports/dashboards or can you do UI/UX, data analysis, website, and mobile iOS/Android work?

We can do it all! Need something extremely custom to your business? We will make sure it's all handled by us.

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