Matthew Kastner
Matthew Kastner

Matthew Kastner

Head of Engineering

Matt is an exceptional software developer who possesses a unique combination of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and a genuine passion.

About me

Matt's dedication and passion for software development are truly commendable. As a software developer, he consistently goes above and beyond, willingly taking on any task presented to him. His eagerness to learn and adapt to new coding languages has greatly contributed to the success of our team.

What sets Matt apart is his remarkable ability to quickly grasp new concepts and apply them effectively. His aptitude for learning programming languages has impressed both colleagues and supervisors alike. Matt's proficiency in multiple coding languages enables him to tackle a wide range of projects and contribute meaningfully to the team's goals.

Matthew's experience

Beyond his technical prowess, Matt's genuine passion for coding shines through in his work. He approaches each project with enthusiasm and a strong work ethic, consistently delivering high-quality results. His dedication extends beyond his own projects as he readily offers his assistance and guidance to others, serving as a valuable mentor and tutor to those looking to enter the field of software development.

  • Exceptional dedication and work ethic
  • Quick and proficient learner of new coding languages
  • Solid problem-solving skills
  • Strong technical proficiency in software development
  • Enthusiastic and passionate about coding
  • Willingness to take on any task and contribute to the team