Governance & Security

Unlock the Power of Data Governance with Domo

Streamline Data Management and Enhance Security with Domo's Governance Toolkit

Empower Your Organization with Domo's Data Governance Toolkit

Centralize Data Management and Ensure Compliance with Domo's Integrated Solutions

Unlock the Power of Data Governance with Domo

In today's data-driven world, effective data management and governance are essential for organizations to succeed. Domo offers a comprehensive solution to address these needs, empowering businesses to strengthen data management and governance practices.

With Domo's Governance Toolkit, organizations can easily manage and govern their data, ensuring privacy, trust, and secure access. The toolkit streamlines system management and infrastructure, enhancing processing efficiency and optimizing expenditures. It also helps establish trust as a competitive edge by improving data quality, implementing security measures, and upholding privacy standards and compliance.

Centralize data management with Domo, providing team members with a unified, real-time view of all connected data. Monitor and audit data across storage environments, integrating seamlessly with existing data workflows and governance models. Domo's Sandbox feature allows for effective environment isolation and management, ensuring that content is promoted only after thorough testing.

Plus, integration with Single Sign-On (SSO) simplifies login experiences and enables efficient group management through pre-configured directory attributes and groups in Domo.

Unlock the power of data governance with Domo and take your organization's data management practices to the next level.


Maximize Data Security and Governance with Domo

Enhancing Compliance and Driving Informed Decision-Making

Enhanced Compliance: Domo's data governance and security features ensure that your organization complies with relevant regulations and standards. By implementing robust data governance practices, you can track and manage data access, usage, and quality, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

Driving Informed Decision-Making: With Domo's integrated data governance and security solutions, organizations can trust the integrity and reliability of their data. This enables more accurate and informed decision-making across the organization, leading to improved business outcomes and performance.