R & Python Tiles

Unlock Advanced Data Processing with Domo's Magic ETL Tiles

Enhance Data Transformation and Analysis with Custom Python and R Scripts

Empower Your Data Workflows with Magic ETL Tiles

Leverage Python and R Scripting for Complex Data Science Analyses in Domo

Domo's Magic ETL feature offers two powerful scripting tiles: Python Script and R Script. These tiles allow you to write custom algorithms in Python or R and seamlessly integrate them into your DataFlows. By leveraging these scripting tiles, you can perform complex data transformations and analyses that run every time your data updates.

Once enabled, you can use the scripting tiles to enhance your data workflows and drive informed decision-making across your organization.


Maximize Data Processing Efficiency and Flexibility

Transform Data and Drive Insights with Custom Python and R Scripts

Enhanced Data Transformation: Magic ETL tiles enable you to write custom Python and R scripts, allowing for advanced data transformation capabilities. You can manipulate and process data in ways that are not possible with standard ETL tools, empowering you to extract more value from your data.

Improved Data Analysis: By integrating custom scripts into your DataFlows, you can perform sophisticated data analyses using Python and R. This capability is particularly useful for organizations that require complex statistical or machine learning analyses to derive insights from their data.