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Enable Data Science Innovation with Domo's Jupyter Workspaces

Unlock Machine Learning Capabilities with Domo's Jupyter Workspaces

Streamline ML Development and Drive Business Impact with Domo's Integration

Domo's Jupyter Workspaces integration revolutionizes machine learning (ML) development by providing data scientists with a web-based, interactive environment. This integration allows data scientists to create, deploy, and fine-tune predictive models that directly impact business outcomes. With Jupyter Workspaces, data scientists can iterate rapidly, convert ML results into actionable insights, and drive positive business impact.

Domo's Jupyter Workspaces integration enables data scientists to develop and deploy ML models in a familiar environment using R or Python. They can efficiently manage complex data pipelines, schedule and collaborate on models, and integrate with platforms like Github. Additionally, Jupyter's scaled compute tiers offer up to a terabyte of memory, allowing data scientists to manage routine workflows or tackle advanced data science pipelines with ease.


Maximize Data Science Efficiency and Impact

Transform Data into Actionable Insights with Jupyter Workspaces

Accelerated ML Development: Domo's Jupyter Workspaces integration enables data scientists to iterate rapidly, develop, deploy, and fine-tune ML models efficiently. This acceleration in development allows for quicker insights and decision-making, ultimately driving business growth.

Actionable Insights: Convert ML results into charts, dashboards, and reports that are easily understandable and actionable for business users. This capability enables organizations to anticipate the effects of actions and optimize results, leading to more informed decision-making.

Drive Business Impact: Use ML to help the business drive positive outcomes. With Domo's Jupyter Workspaces integration, organizations can leverage ML insights to make strategic decisions that impact their bottom line positively.

Empower business users with predictive, actionable insights using Domo. Move beyond visualizations for data scientists and create user-friendly dashboards that present ML insights. Anticipate the effects of actions and optimize results with:

  • Easy-to-understand charts and dashboards showcasing business impact
  • Alerts to notify users of key data point changes
  • Automation to drive positive outcomes