We stand as a leading consulting partner and specialists in optimization closely aligned with Domo. Covering a broad spectrum from ETL, SQL, AutoML, and Data Science tasks to the creation of visualizations and dashboards, alongside offering training and governance support, our team at Clearsquare is equipped to assist with all facets of your Domo integration.
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Create interactive dashboards & distribute reports with embedded analytics.
DOMO Business Cloud: BI & Analytics
Our team at Clearsquare is proud to collaborate with Domo as a key business ally. With employees that have been working with Domo since 2014, we know the software inside and out.

We've successfully guided more than 150 organizations in deploying and integrating Domo into their operations. Passion drives our work, and we're eager to serve as your navigator in the Domo landscape.
Here's a list of how we may be able to help:
White-label Your Domo Dashboards: We have helped hundreds of Domo clients in better using analytics to show reports, but to give usable interfaces to allow employees to interact with data and build company software fast.
Domo Audit: Seeing if you're using Domo efficiently
How-to Guidance: We will be your on-demand coach to answer any Domo ETL, SQL, visualization questions you have
Domo Implementation: Just need someone to do the work and build dashboards? Setting up Domo properly will save you time and moeny. We can do it quickly and efficiently.
Proud Domo Winner: Received "Most Innovative Partner of the Year" from Domo.
Fractional Director of Analytics: I'll step into your world, diving deep into the intricacies of your company's operations, and align myself as an integral part of your team to offer insights on steering the analytics division of your organization to success.


Application - Prebuilt
Voice of Customer
Performance Predictor – Adobe & Google
Workforce Optimization
Customer Lifecycle Management
Applications - Custom
Contact us to build an app custom to your needs.
Automated reports
Get The Most Out Of Domo With On-Demand certified -consultants
Data Engineering
Data Science
Data flow strategies
Custom predictive & prescriptive modeling
AutoML implementation


Sharon L.
Feb 28, 2024
We had the huge task of combining multiple data sources into dashboards for use internally and externally. Working with Gordon at Clearsquare was a huge help in navigating set-up by turning our ideas and questions into visualizations. We had a lot of customization and complicated data transformations that Clearsquare helped us set-up with DOMO. Our customers and executive team now have current data at their fingertips using the data that Clearsquare helped set-up.
Service Taken:
Kristin D.
Feb 28, 2024
Gordon worked with me on what seemed like a simple implementation… and then turned into one that was pretty complex. He carefully explained the importance of every choice I made when selecting which data to import, made sample data sets that allowed me to follow up and make my own, and helped me understand how to create ETLs. He was patient and responsive, and able to simplify what we were doing, taking something pretty complex and breaking it into parts so that we could absorb what we needed and learn how to do it all ourselves. Meeting with him was a highlight every week of our implementation, because it meant I could learn and grow and always take away some important new piece of information.
Service Taken:
Cards, Dashboards, Stories

Want to learn Domo?

Let us serve as your creative mentor, guiding you on a journey to become a master of Domo as an artistic medium! With our expert guidance, you will explore the foundational techniques of Domo, covering everything from the essentials of ETL processes to an introduction to SQL, and you will craft multiple dashboards under the guidance of one of our skilled artisans.

Our ambition is to elevate you to the status of an esteemed creator within your organization, enabling you to not only foster growth but also to illuminate the unique value you contribute as a data artist.
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