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Partnering with Clearsquare's analytics experts delivers fast and impressive results. We work as an extension of your team, building predictable, sustainable growth and adoption of your analytics solutions across all platforms.

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Certified Consultants, Immediate Turnaround

We work with companies of all sizes, from local car dealerships to global pharmaceutical companies, from small datasets to billions of rows of big data.

When you partner with Clearsquare, you are engaging a growth squad that delivers impressive results. Each member only works with a handful of partners at a time so they can stay dedicated and focused. It’s about working together to serve as an extension of your current team to build predictable and sustainable growth. We are versed in building or augmenting the analytics practices at any business, on whichever platform you prefer.

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Analytics Consulting Includes

We're here to help grow your business
Advanced Analytics
Optimize your business processes with prescriptive and predictive analytics
Data Wrangling
Your data may not look the way that you want it to. We will step in and join tables and clean up bad data or outliers.
Business Insights
Understand your data and visualizations to make real, impactful business decisions

Client Reviews

Excellent team that supports learning and migration of data from one tool to the Clearsquare tool. Happy customer.
We had the huge task of combining multiple data sources into dashboards for use internally and externally. Working with Gordon at Clearsquare was a huge help in navigating set-up by turning our ideas and questions into visualizations. We had a lot of customization and complicated data transformations that Clearsquare helped us set-up with DOMO. Our customers and executive team now have current data at their fingertips using the data that Clearsquare helped set-up.
Sharon L.
Data Specialist

Data Governance

Through our data governance engagements, Clearsquare helps organize your entire data pipeline, within your chosen BI platform. We provide assistance and consulting in the following areas.
Data Pipeline Management
Analyze your existing data pipeline, discover and implement efficiencies. Manage datasets in your BI Platform, remove redundancies, and clean up unnecessary assets.
Data Anatomy
Understand all aspects of the datasets in your BI Platform. Learn connection attributes, ETL patterns, tagging, and lineage.
Develop strategies for long-term maintenance of your data pipeline, including staying organized, performing periodic optimization and clean up.

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